Thai food has gained international reputation as one of the world’s greatest cuisines. It’s subtle blending of flavours, utilizing herbs and roots such as lemongrass, basil, coriander, galangal, krachai, ginger, garlic and chilies. More and more diners have been won over by the style and elegance with which dishes are presented as well as the freshness and flavour of the food.
Sang Thai restaurant in Dorking serving all the classics as well as modern dishes in a relaxing and intimate setting. Our diverse but simple menu offers a flavoursome selection of Thai salads, noodles, curries and stir-fries with an authenticity and freshness that surpasses expectations. 
Plenty of well presented Thai style dishes from the grill, cooked by a team of exceptional Thai chefs, trained and schooled in the most famous destinations of Thailand’s culinary societies. With recipes and techniques they have perfected through years of experience. Drawing on centuries old oriental and European influences they prepare mouth watering dishes using only the freshest ingredients that give Thai edge its authentic taste of Thailand.
At Sang Thai, the finest, authentic Thai cuisine prepared from the very best ingredients including fresh herbs, spices and exotic vegetables sent to us every week from growers in Thailand. Our menu is about choice, flavours, quality and presentation - a true taste of Thailand.
Our Thai chefs and staff have only one aim, to delight all our guests with a genuine Thai culinary experience. However, our reputation for fine food and attentive service does create a demand for tables and so booking is recommended at all times but particularly at weekends.